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Tru-Line Surveying is committed to providing clients with high quality land surveying and mapping services. Using state-of-the-art Global Positioning Equipment (GPS), we can handle jobs on any scale, ranging from small residential lot surveys to large tracts of land. We have completed projects with national companies such as Bock & Clark, Taco Bell, Johnson Development, CBRE Real Estate Company and McDonalds as well as local groups, such as MB Kahn Construction, Keller Williams, and various attorneys.


Tru-Line Surveying Company was founded in 1998 by Steward Baylor. Steward’s interest in surveying began while he was at Clemson University studying in an unrelated field. It only took one weekend of working with a local surveyor, Harold Hawkins, for Steward to realize that he had found his profession. His degree in Wildlife Biology and love of the outdoors along with his love for Mathematics had met, and the end product would be a career in Land Surveying. In our first 20 years of business, Tru-Line Surveying has been involved in all types of surveying from performing a topographical survey of the river bottom of the Chattooga River to laying out some of the largest buildings in the state, and everything in between. There are no projects too large or too small for us to tackle.

Racing Mechanic on Days Off!!
Racing Mechanic on Days Off!!

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Steward takes pride in running a surveying company where he can give each client the attention to detail that their project deserves. Unlike many of the larger surveying companies, when you employ Tru-Line Surveying to complete your projects, you will always have a licensed surveyor on site either performing the work or overseeing the job at hand.

Whether you are a developer, home owner, investor, builder, attorney, banker, farmer, timber manager or anyone else needing the precision and attention to detail that only a licensed surveyor can give you, our company is for you.

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Tru-Line Surveying continues to build long term relationships with clients by providing professional land surveying services throughout the state of South Carolina.