Volumetric Surveys

Quantity/Volumetric of Stockpile or Earthworks


Quantity/Volumetric surveys are a type of Topographic survey performed for the purpose of obtaining measured quantities of stockpiled supplies or excavated quantities from a borrow pit. This type of survey will typically have the quantities calculated in cubic yards and mainly involve measurements for coal yards, stockpiled materials, quarries, mines, landfills, retention and excavation ponds, lakes and dam capacities. Some Examples are:

A Volumetric Survey is used for instances of measuring the water volume of an excavation pond or burrow pit to determine its bottom sub-structure towards meeting local, state or environmental construction regulations.

A Volumetric Survey is for measuring large ground piles of coal to determine its mass, monetary value and conduct shipping management.

A Volumetric Survey is used when measurements for stone or asphalt, scrap steel and industrial solid waste are needed.

A Volumetric Survey is used to assess how much blasted rock has been removed from a defined quarry area over a period of time or to verify plans and other documents from a blasting contractor using data differences from a previous survey.

Volume calculations are a key cost element of any site development, yet so often overlooked. At Tru-Line Surveying we offer accurate and cost effective practical solutions which give the client, estimators and contractors exact figures from the outset.

Whether you have a large earth-moving project or a small stockpile, Tru-Line Surveying can help.