More detail than what a boundary survey provides


An ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey is a comprehensive boundary survey that adheres to the national standards adopted by American Land Title Association, ALTA and National Society of Professional Surveyors, NSPS, (formerly the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, ACSM).  Specifically designed to satisfy the particular needs of lenders, corporations and title companies for the development of commercial properties, ALTA surveys impose a more stringent set of requirements than typical boundary surveys and provide a wealth of information.

In terms of land surveys, the ALTA land survey is the gold standard, meeting the highest standards recognized throughout the country. While a typical boundary survey, or a survey used to determine property lines, will fulfill the standards of your individual state, they are not nearly as comprehensive as ALTA/ACSM surveys. The purpose of the ALTA/ACSM associations is to establish acceptable principles and expectations during land surveying in the U.S. by providing a common standard for all parties in the transaction to follow – especially professional land surveyors.

Tru-Line’s ALTA/ACSM surveys depict parcel boundaries, improvements, easements, rights-of-way, and other elements that may impact land ownership, such as encroachments and unrecorded interests or uses. Getting anything less can lead to legal problems down the road, such as your neighbor alleging a boundary encroachment when you fence in your property. Play it safe during property transfers and land development by scheduling an ALTA/ACSM land survey with Tru-Line Surveying before signing any legal documents.