As-Built Surveys

As-Built Surveys are designed to show any and all improvements to the land at a given point in time.


Local or state zoning boards may require a certain number of as-built surveys during the course of a construction project to verify that improvements are complying with applicable regulations, as well as with any proposed plans already on file.  As-built surveys may be requested several times during the course of a project to make sure the building is proceeding according to plan, as well as to measure the progress of construction against the projected timeline for completion.

The purpose of the As-Built Survey is to show the property “as it is built” at a particular point in time. While a pre-construction survey is performed to document conditions prior to construction work being performed, the As-Built survey is conducted to show the current state of the site at various stages throughout the duration of a project. It also serves as a close-out document to verify that the work authorized was completed to plans and in compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.

An As-built survey builds upon the base map of a project and includes research at local agencies, ground-level topography data, and the documentation of visible site improvements. The advantage of this survey is that the new base map can be updated to show the current conditions of the site.